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We're here to help in your time of need.

If you are a current US Staples associate who is experiencing severe financial hardship due to a significant qualifying event, fill out the fields below and a Staples Share Fund team member will get in touch with you soon.

Only current part-time and full-time US Staples associates may qualify, with a limit of 4 applications or $4000 in grants in a fiscal year (Feb to Jan). Due to federal law, the Staples Share Fund CANNOT provide grants to help pay for medical expenses.

Severe financial hardship due to the following significant qualifying events may qualify for assistance:

Every request submitted by Staples associates is reviewed.


If a Canadian Associate, please apply here.

Natural Disasters (fire, flood, tornado, mudslide, etc.) or other critical incidents that cause a dramatic disruption in income or loss of primary residence.

  • Associate's primary residence is severely damaged, destroyed or rendered unlivable by an unavoidable natural disaster or federally/state-declared natural disaster or terrorist attack.

Significant personal incident (fires or acts of violence that cause a dramatic disruption in income or loss of residence)

  • Associate suffers a personal incident such as a house fire or act of violence that has a severe financial impact on the associate.

Illness or accident of the associate, spouse/domestic partner or immediate family member (assistance will not be provided for expenses covered by medical or disability insurance, such as medical bills, deductibles, co-pays)

  • Funds available to assist associates who have encountered financial hardships for reasons beyond their control due to personal injury or illness of associate, spouse, domestic partner or immediate family member (illness, injury).

Funeral expense of an associate, immediate family member or spouse/domestic partner

  • Available to assist those who have incurred the loss of an associate or immediate family member or spouse/domestic partner, if the associate is financially responsible for arrangements. An associate's spouse/domestic partner may apply for assistance in the event of an associate's death. To help mitigate the expense please contact The Hartford's Funeral and Concierge Services at 1-866-854-5429 or go to and use code HFEVLC.

Military Deployment

  • To assist an associate's family when they or their spouse/domestic partner has been called to active duty.