Meet The Staples Share Fund Board

Regis Mulot
John Burke
President Emeritus
Lisa Prior-Stokes
Treasurer/Assistant Controller Finance
Jason Ellis
Clerk of Staples Share Fund/Senior Counsel
Neil Ringel
Director/EVP Contract
Otis Panneli
Director/EVP US Retail Operations
Brenda Lord
Director/VP Global Vendor Managment
Erica Higgins
Director/Area Sales Manager SA
Joanne Donahue
Director/Dir HR Ops.
Tarchue Bagley
Director/Manager District 01, NAS&O
Chris DeMeo
Director/VP, Global Sales Channels, SBG Facilities
Kerri-Lynn Pajer
Director/ Sr. Project Manager Copy & Print
Dave Sobb
Director/Regional Vice President, DC/FC/Fleet
Jim Girouard
Director/ Sr. Manager, IT GT
Richard Mack
Director/ Sr. Business Process Outsourcing Program Manager
Carrie Cox
Director/Copy & Print Manager, New Initiatives
Marcel Graven
Director/Sr. Manager, Financial Analysis, Quill
Danny Hirsh
Director/ Manager, Mid-Market Print and Promotional Products
Sandy White
Director/Sr. Manager, Business Operations & Finance
Mark Cautela
Director/Director, Corporate Communications
Mark Buckley
Director/VP of Environmental Sales

Staples titles are for informational purposes only.

Meet The Staples Share Fund Team

Amy Griffis
Project Manager, Staples Share Fund
Elizabeth Williams
Communications Account Manager, IC & Special Events
Melynda Gallagher
Sr. Accountant Finance Merch, Accounting
Brian Ciaramicoli
Staff Attorney, Legal
Michelle Thier
Engagement Coordinator, Global Talent Mgmt.
Emma Harney
Intern, Staples Share Fund