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Recently my home and everything in it was completely destroyed by a fire as a result of an electrical failure. I informed my RVP who immediately reached out to the Share Fund to submit a grant request on my behalf. My family and I were completely devastated and having a very difficult time dealing with the sudden shock of, just like that, not having our home. My kids were in tears, and it was so hard to try and focus or think about facing what was in front of us. The Share Fund quickly reached out and was able to help support my family and get us situated so I could begin to figure everything else out. I'm so very thankful and will continue to support the Share Fund, we just never know who could be in need tomorrow. Thank you, Share Fund, for having such a wonderful program for our Staples US family."

USR Associate


Tom Pagan, GM in Store #544 Warrington, PA, was recently assisted by the US Retail Share Fund.
On July 16th, Bucks County PA experienced heavy rains that caused flash flooding. Flood waters ravaged this area causing heartbreaking damage. Tom’s house was affected by this flooding.
The Share Fund was able to assist Tom with a grant that enabled him to start to make his home safe again and usable for him and his family.”

Tom Pagan

GM, Store #544. Warrington, PA


Lee Zola, GM in Store #342 West Chester, PA, was recently assisted by the US Retail Share Fund.
In early September, the remnants of Hurricane Ida produced heavy rainfall and severe flooding throughout PA. Flood waters ravaged this area causing heartbreaking damage. Lee’s house was affected by this flooding.
The Share Fund was able to assist Lee with a grant that enabled him to start to recover from this storm and make his home safe again and usable for him and his family.”

Lee Zola

GM, Store #342. West Chester, PA


One of our associates had been in the foster system for the first 18 years of his life. When he turned 18, his guardian stopped receiving gov’t assistance, kicked the associate out of his home and said he would no longer provide shelter or support for him.
The associate was able to stay with a friend as he worked to save money for an apartment. Unfortunately, the friend unexpectedly passed away before the associate saved enough money to get into an apartment. At the same time, the associate got COVID-19 and was out of work while he recovered.
Without a place to live and unable to pay his bills, the associate was faced with housing instability. The Share Fund was able to assist the associate who said:

I would like to give the Staples Share Fund a huge thank you for assisting me through this difficult moment & time. I have been through this predicament growing up as child in the system, knowing what it feels like to be without and having no one to go to, but receiving assistance from Staples not only helped my situation, but it also helped me to believe all things are still possible for my journey.”

In the early morning hours on Dec. 16th, 2021, as our associate and his family were sleeping, they suddenly woke up to hear gun shots being fired into their home. The associate's father was hit by the bullets and heartbreakingly, passed away.
The associate and his family hid in the basement and called the police. When it was realized the family was not the intended target, the police suggested the family leave their home and relocate to another state for their safety until they could find out who was responsible.
The associate and his brothers quickly left their home and relocated from Detroit to Tennessee. With the passing of their father and having to leave so sudden, the Share Fund was able to assist the associate to pay past due rent and utility bills back home. He said:

Thank you so much for your consideration and help while my family moves forward from this. I don't know what else to say but thank you again to everyone at the Share Fund as well as Taylor, Sandy and Nicole from store 0448 who told me help was even available. May God bless you.”

Kurt Gusovius, was recently assisted by the US Retail Share Fund.
The apartment above Kurt’s caught on fire which caused the 3rd floor to collapse into his apartment. The damage from the fire and water destroyed his home and all his belongings.
Thankfully, Kurt was not hurt. He was able to use the Share Fund grant to secure a new apartment. He was also able to purchase necessary items to get him back on his feet.
Kurt’s GM, Michael Cale (who submitted the grant request on Kurt’s behalf), shared this picture of Kurt proudly holding the keys to his new apartment and mentioned how he appreciated everyone’s involvement in being able to secure these funds for Kurt.”

Kurt Gusovius

Inventory Specialist, Store #84. Philadelphia, PA


Late one evening, William Eaton, received a tornado warning on his phone. William and his wife quickly gathered their 4 sleeping children and put them under the bathroom vanity, covered them with their bodies and covered themselves with a large foam couch. They knew this wasn’t a drill when the lights flickered off, their ears popped from the pressure and what followed can only be described as pure chaos.
When the tornado passed, William went out to assess the damage. What he saw was a sight he was not prepared for. Half of their house had been completely ripped off and the other half was relatively untouched but covered with debris from the tornado.
William’s Staples family immediately worked on getting William’s family to safety. They had to park a mile away and walk around fallen trees and power lines and through piles of debris. A fellow GM welcomed William’s family into their home. The following week, a group of Staples volunteers helped pack up what was left of their home.
A special shout out to Mandy Richardson (DM), fellow GMs Brian Fedak, Kyle Clements and Shawn Skelly, William’s Store Team #734, Amy Sprang, R10 Staff and entire District 105 Team who immediately supported William and his family through this traumatic event.”

William Eaton

GM, Store #734. Athens, TN


For Elsa, finding out she was sick was devastating. There was no way to be prepared. “It has been tough not feeling well and having payments such as mortgage, utilities along with taking care of my children. When I received the grant, I was overwhelmed with emotion.”

Elsa Morales

Sales Manager, Store #1086. Brownsville, TX


Casey recalls the heavy feeling in the pit of his stomach upon hearing the devastating news that he and his mom had to evacuate immediately due to the wildfires. Unfortunately, they lost their happy home to the fires.
Through this experience I have found strength in my work at Staples. Keeping my daily routine has been the saving grace in this tragedy. Everyone has been so understanding and supportive. Having lost everything I’ve ever owned, I am very grateful that my Mom and our pets are safe.”

Casey Conemac

Tech Sales Associate, Store #720. Roseburg, OR


James remembers playing with his dog and enjoying the sun during his day off before the weather turned dark, gray and stormy.
Before the storm was over, an oak tree that was 100-years old fell onto my house creating extensive damage.
When I went to work, my managers reminded me of the Share Fund that had also helped one of my co-workers when her house had storm damage. I applied and received a grant that helped me and my family rebuild and recover from the storm. Thank you, Staples Share Fund.”

James Penzavecchia

Sales Associate, Store #1242. Stroudsburg, PA


What may not seem like a lot to some is the heat in my home, power to run my sick mother's oxygen tank and food in the pantry on Thanksgiving. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and everyone who shares. We appreciate it more than words can express. I love my job, my coworkers and the company I work for!”

Heather Adams

Print & Marketing Associate, Store #1288. Ocean City, MD

Jennifer applied to the USR Share Fund after Hurricane Florence. Out of work due to the floods and facing mounting costs because of storm damage Jennifer writes, “The Share Fund has eased some mental and emotional stress caused by my financial burdens from the storms.”
She continues, “I am grateful for all that the Share Fund team has done for me and my family. As well as, thankful for all associates that donate money to this fund so that fellow associates in need can access the funds.”

Jennifer Squires

Print & Marketing Supervisor, Store #880. Goldsboro, NC


Rachel applied to the USR Share Fund after her husband had two emergency surgeries. They were struggling to make ends meet while he was out of work for several months. While he was recovering at home, Hurricane Florence hit the North Carolina coast causing damage to their home.
The USR Share Fund helped them get back up to date on expenses and make some much needed repairs on their home. From Rachel came the message, “Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much this means to me!”

Rachel McCarley

Operations Supervisor, Store #1824. Wilmington, NC

Lisa reached out to the USR Share Fund as the damage to her home caused by Hurricane Florence was extensive. She and her family were displaced for two weeks due to the storm and following flooding. “We've been able to assess the damages, the clean-up that will ensue, and the horrid smell of lingering flood waters, but luckily, we still have a home to go to.”
Lisa leaves us with the sentiment, “My family wants to say thank you to our Staples family for being there for us!”

Lisa Pekau

Sales Manager, Store #600. New Bern, NC


When we thought we were alone with our struggle, the Staples Share Fund came through and helped us catch up with our bills. I would like to thank all the contributors and the Share Fund staff for making a very challenging situation a little bit easier.”

Carolyn Allen

Print & Marketing Supervisor, Store #4. Port Chester, NY

Kaitlyn contacted the USR Share Fund after her family home was damaged by flood waters from Hurricane Florence. The storm had caused extensive damage to the roof, the floors and severe structural damage to their home. Fortunately, the help, available due to Staples associates contributing to the USR Share Fund, was able to provide relief for Kaitlyn and her family, softening the burden and allowing them to rebuild.”

Kaitlyn Williams

Associate in Mount Olive


I am proud to be a Staples associate and encourage others to contribute whatever they can afford to the fund because you never know when you may need their help some day. It is personally rewarding to know that you are helping someone else in need.”


Anonymous Associate

I appreciate all the help, I even went in and started to contribute to the Share Fund. As I knew nothing about the program until a coworker informed me. And I myself am grateful for such an awesome workplace like Staples that I'm thankful to be able to contribute what little I can back to the Share Fund for other associates like myself in such a difficult time.”


Associate in NC

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